Session 1

The children and table leaders gathered together for the 1st time yesterday. We heard about how God made everything for us and about Jesus being baptised in the river Jordan by John. Also about how we all became members of Gods family through our own baptism.

We heard that GOD LOVES US VERY MUCH and Sr Anita showed them how to remember this easily using one hand. As the sessions progress the children will come to learn more about what Jesus said and did, and how we can learn to imitate him in what we say, do and think. Images from the session can be downloaded for anyone who might want them.

Session 1 In the name of the Father FOR WEB

First Reconciliation and First Communion 2018

The new preparation program has begun with the parents passing ‘The Light of Christ’ to their children during the Services of Light held in the church on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings. At the children’s baptism the parents were entrusted with the Light of Christ, as a candle was lit from the Paschal candle. During these short but moving services, the light is passed on to their child as he / she now prepares to receive 2 new sacraments; Forgiveness and Eucharist. The preparation classes start on Saturday October 7th and the parish team very much look forward to helping the children prepare as they each continue their faith journey.IMG_2439

Summer holidays

We hope you are all having a wonderful summer and stay safe wherever you are in the world.

Exam results are out and hopefully all have done well; let’s remember however that success has more than one type of measure so even if results are below expectations, it really isn’t the end of the world; other options are out there and a little time of reflection can be a good thing. Maybe the path we think we should be on isn’t the same path the Lord has chosen for us.

The team are working on a questionnaire which will be ready around the end of September; as part of our consultation and thinking process as we aiming to find out what is needed and wanted by the youth (15-30) in our parish community. Please pray for the team and if you think you could in some way be part of it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Parish Assembly



The Parish Assembly took place last Saturday and was well attended; many views were shared and area’s of concern highlighted.

The Assembly decided that “youth” should remain a parish priority area with a particular focus on the 15-30 age group.

The current Youth Strategy Team will meet on Tuesday and start the process of considering all that was suggested before consulting more widely within and outside the parish.

We ask for your prayers as this period of discernment starts, and also ask for your comments and ideas; any thoughts you’d like to submit will be really appreciated. The easiest way to do this is to email Sr Anita at

Thank you.

Confirmation 2017

Congratulations to all the young adults who were confirmed yesterday.

Bishop Paul McAleenan presided over the 2 services; he commented afterwards as to how well the candidates were prepared and thanked the team who helped; he was also impressed with the young people themselves, and he delighted in their commitment to their faith.

We pray that through this Sacrament, they will feel more equipped to face the challenges of this world with stronger faith, and become disciples confident and ready to make a difference.

Parents will soon me emailed with a password so they can access the photos taken at the 2 services; links are on the Confirmation page.


Flame 2017 @ Wembley Arena

As part of the confirmation programme the candidates will be attending Flame 2017 for an exciting day out; take a look at the Flame website for more details and to view a short video. The candidates that went a couple of years ago when the conference was last run, said they were hesitant initially, wondering what it might all be about, but really enjoyed themselves. To see 10,000 young adults enthusiastic about their faith was both surprising and inspiring. We hope this years candidates have a great time.


Men’s Breakfast

It can be difficult in our busy lives to find time to learn about our faith and find fellowship; Men’s Breakfasts are held once a term and are open to all men in the parish and beyond. Our next breakfast is on Saturday Jan 21st and we’ll meet in the parish centre at 8:15 am for a light breakfast (about 30 mins) before moving into meeting room 1 to watch a video. This year we are watching a DVD series called Believe which aims to give greater understanding to The Creed; a prayer we have grown to know but probably for most of us without any study. We aim to finish by 10 am; in time for mass should anyone want to attend. 


Open Weekend, 10th – 11th September 2016

Ours is a vibrant parish with many great and varied activities taking place.

The Open Weekend

The purpose of the Open Weekend is to share the aims and experiences of the organisations which provide so many ways of helping people to further develop their faith both spiritually and practically.

There are more than 50 groups listed in the Parish Directory from Altar servers to “You can be Santa”. They mostly hold regular meetings and they all would welcome new members to support them in their aims and objectives. These represent opportunities for every member of the parish, young, old, single or married, male or female to join a group or two should they wish.

Sacramental preparation, liturgy, prayer groups, justice and peace, befriending the vulnerable, mission work, working with the youth and other faiths, are just some of areas which will be covered by more than 30 organisations at the Open Weekend.

Each group will set up a table display in the hall, with resources that clearly express their aims.  Representatives will be there ready to talk about their organisation and answer any questions.

Set Up

On Saturday 10 September, groups can set up from 2 pm until 4 pm; the Parish Centre will be open for visitors 4 pm until 8 pm.

On Sunday 11 September, the Parish Centre will be open for visitors 8.30 am until 1.30 pm then 4 pm until 8.30 pm; and stalls will be dismantled and put away between 8.30 and 9 pm.

We will be serving refreshments in the foyer throughout so we do need volunteers to help with this.

Please contact Sara you would like to help in any way 01727 764601,