Little Lights – Children’s Liturgy

Each Sunday morning, at 9.30am mass, children aged between 0 and 5 years, along with their parents, meet upstairs in the hall for their own liturgy. It is amazing as each week we welcome between 50-60 people to our special community.

Following the theme of the readings parent volunteers lead the sessions, using an imaginative range of resources from role play to videos to singing and dancing. This variation in approach brings a freshness and certainly we witness the children of all ages responding to God’s message. They leave the session having had the opportunity to be creative and are so very proud of their artwork that they take home to remind them during the coming week of how God has spoken to them. Parents too have the opportunity to meet others in the Parish community and they appreciate this time with their children.

We could not provide this liturgy without the support of our parents and so we are grateful to them as they share their gift of Faith with the Church of the future.

Here are some recent examples of the work the children have created and were shared in mass.

Click here to view reflections from our Little Light Liturgy Group Volunteers